Skunky and Tubby

Something is landing (or not) on the moon right now. I am not watching. I have seen various moon landings in my life including manned landings. This one is not manned, which may be a good thing because from what I can hear from the next room, things don’t seem to be going all that well. The real reason I am not watching (besides kinda boring) is that I am FRIED after a very long day that included a performance evaluation prep discussion. Which was fine, just that I don’t think *anyone* views these as a fun thing. Including managers, who have to both lead them and go through their own. Such is life in Corporate America. After I left my “childhood” tech job (my choice and on good terms), I “swore” I would never work for a big corporation again. But here I am, drug test and all. (A story for another day but yes I passed. Of course.)

My mouse sent some loverly skunk cabbage photooos. There were some others: kayaking, a muskrat, hepatica (a spring wildflower). We are concerned about the appearance of hepatica this early in the season. Well before the vernal equinox aka first day of spring. This flower was in a particular micro-climate but still.

My thoughts went back to March 2012, which was just after The Commander died. Down here on the Planet Ann Arbor (and other parts of the state), temperatures were in the 90s for *days* and flowering trees, some of them fruit-bearing, all did their thing IN MARCH. May is more normal for that. Of course, many of the March 2012 trees froze in April, wreaking havoc on fruit crops.

So when the GG first alerted me about the moon landing, I was watching Tommy Tuberville make an absolute ass of himself by demonstrating that he knows NOTHING about IVF or probably much of anything else except maybe football? I mean, “We need more kids?” 8-celled embryos (is it 8?) are NOT children. They don’t become children until and unless 1) they get successfully implanted in a uterus and 2) they manage to gestate long enough to be born successfully. Not to mention that most of those embryos have been created by people who WANT to make more children (Tommy?) but now the IVF system has been thrown into chaos, potentially keeping people from accessing it to CREATE more children (Tommy?). This makes my head explode! Who the hell are these people and who the hell is voting for them? Jesus certainly isn’t.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    The sad thing is that people ARE electing these morons and will continue to do so, especially in certain states or areas.