Surviving and manufacturing

I survived the Great Facebook Outage. I am embarrassed to admit how many unsuccessful gyrations I went through trying to change my password, not to mention the low-level panic I felt. Can I just say worst captcha pics on earth? Until. I asked the GG to open Facebook. Guess what? He couldn’t log in either. At that point I did the google and yes, Facebook was down today. When I got back on, I had to log in and my *changed* password was accepted.

Later in the day, the Mad Scientist made a trip to the hardware store and the next thing I knew, he was “cooking” something. I asked what he was doing but when I did so, he was heading toward the Water Closet so his answer started with a “p”. When I asked again, at a more appropriate time, the answer was “manufacturing”.

This is kind of a weird picture in low light but if you can see that tube thingy to the right of the iPhone (an old repurposed one), it is now affixed to a device that rotates it s-l-o-w-l-y over the course of an hour. The “manufacturing” part of the whole thing was “cooking” some plastic in order to mold it or whatever. Which means I have a mess to clean up on Gertude’s glass cooktop. I tried to ask, well, like “why” did you do this prodject? Like, how did you get the idea? I did not get a satisfactory answer. Sometimes Mad Scientists gotta do what Mad Scientists gotta do.

Among other artifacts in the pic are Rat Fink and Svengooli and a tin foil hat down there on the right by the globe.

One Response to “Surviving and manufacturing”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It took me way too long to figure out that Facebook and Instagram were down; I always think it’s my fault somehow! What was he cooking?