Spring has sprung (or at least the Lyme Lounge has been sprung)

Because y’all do NOT want me to grouse about polly-ticks as if I could write coherently about that anyway…

Spring has not really sprung although our temps have been a little and sometimes a lot warmer than most years. But the Lyme Lounge was sprung today. The pics are old but the first one shows the Lyme Lounge in its winter berth in the UU’s huge garage. Again, THANK YOU THANK YOU for storing it. We don’t have a garage here at the landfill.

Here it is outside hooked up to The Mean Green Frog Hoppin’ Musheen. Like I said, this was a few years ago (pre-COVID). We don’t have the Frog Hopper any more so Mooon Yooonit tows the Lyme Lounge these days. And this pic is not even winter. It’s just a random pic from whenever.

The Lyme Lounge did not get stored the last couple years because the GG was using it in the winter on his North Country Trail hiking trips with our friend Joan who has her own trailer, Sunny. They would camp in parks or be hosted by various “trail angels”. Space in their driveways and sometimes in their homes.

It’s been kind of nice not to have the Lyme Lounge, Mooon Yooonit, and Cygnus all in the landfill driveway at the same time this winter but I will welcome the Lyme Lounge’s return. For the next few days, it will be hanging out in the moomincabin “parking lot”, which apparently does NOT have a 10-foot snow drift in the middle this year. The GG will have lucky-shucky, heat, wifi (fiber optic no less), and I think there is a water tank in the trailer. The water in the moomincabin cannot be turned on yet via Old Man Winter’s rules.

One Response to “Spring has sprung (or at least the Lyme Lounge has been sprung)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a comfy little trailer except no bathroom? I would miss that a lot.