Macy’s closing?

Macy’s is closing stores but I can’t find any conclusive info on whether they are closing OUR local store. If so, it’ll be another anchor store gone from the mall. Sears is already torn down and in the process of being repurposed. It’s okay. I never go to the mall.

I have never been much of a Macy’s shopper. The last time I can actually remember shopping at Macy’s was one summer a LONG time ago when they had a “summer of love” thing going on. I got some nice tie-dyed cotton maxi skirts that summer. But once I discovered Chico’s and JJill and a few others online, around the time I started working again, I stopped shopping for clothes in person. I know what I like and I know what fits and it’s just easier.

Last fall when we were invited to a formal wedding, the only store I could even remember was Macy’s. I talked myself off that ledge PDQ. Would they have anything that would work for meeeee? Probably not. Instead I ordered a bunch of stuff from the internet and literally the morning of the wedding cobbled an outfit together. I dunno if you could call it formal or even elegant but it worked for me. In this case it was more important that I beeeee at my beloved young cousin’s wedding. I’m sure my clothing was not noticed.

Actually, the original predecessor of what is now Macy’s in our local mall was J. L. Hudson. I *did* shop there. I had been shopping at Hudson’s since I was a little kid. I went to the downtown Detroit and Northland shopping center Hudson’s with my parents when we were visiting my Detroit grandparents. I had my picture taken with Santa at Northland. When I was a teenager, mom and I would make a day of it in the many storied downtown store, where she would buy me clothes and we would have lunch on the mezzanine.

The downtown Hudson’s store was Mom’s old stomping grounds. She worked there as a buyer after she graduated from college until my old coot decided Detroit was not for him and whisked her north to the yooperland. She would tell stories about meeting *her* dad (my granddaddy) for lunch back in the day (he also worked downtown) and sometimes they lunched at places where some of the women wore pasties. Which is not the same as the yooperland kind of pasties 🤣

We all watched (on TV) when the downtown Detroit Hudson’s store was imploded. Mom was at my brother’s house and he reported that she was stoic. Which is kinda how “we” are. Usually.

Although I shopped at the local Hudson’s it was never really the same as the old downtown Detroit store. When it became Dayton-Hudson and then Macy’s, I mostly lost interest.

I miss those days. I don’t miss those days.

P.S. River photo by mouse.

2 Responses to “Macy’s closing?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the Mall although I rarely go. Great for people watching and picking up a variety of different things. I hope our Macys isn’t closing because I do get my lipstick there. Before it was Macys, it was the Bon Marche and before that (in Seattle anyway) Frederick and Nelsons. Loved their Frango mints!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I had to fact check myself, to make sure I had the St. Louis Macy story right. Macy’s in St. Louis took over the local department story, Famous-Barr. Again, it took over the downtown flagship store, then closed it awhile later. There are 3 current Macy’s in the area still open. I go to malls rarely. Here is the article about the department stores of yore.