Climate change?

Well, the GG arrived at the moomincabin this afternoon and he was able to drive in with no problem. There’s a wee bit of snow to the left of Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge but it is insignificant.

Most years (including almost all of my life), this snow drift between the Old Cabin (in the pic) and the moomincabin has prevented anyone from driving in. The drift is about where Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge are situated in the first pic but the pic is from a different angle.

We have had an unseasonably warm winter here in the Great Lake State. Honestly it isn’t our first one but the yooperland usually gets more snow and I’m not sure Lake Superior iced over this year. They are opening the Soo Locks a few days earlier than planned but not sure what that really means. The above picture was probably taken in February but that drift usually hangs around through most of April. I dunno what’s going on. I am not a climate change denier. I just don’t know how to process the difference between climate change and weather.

I’ve been asking the GG for more pics (for blog fodder but also for me). He has sent some and they are wonderful but he is missing some pics that I want… He did send me a pic of “Jeep and Pan”, my cousin and her husband. They look absolutely fabulous but in this day and age, I don’t often post pics of people on the internet.

If we ever get VOT going tonight, I will ‘splain to him what I want.

One Response to “Climate change?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Our winter has been warm too with not enough snow in the mountains. We did have a cold spell but without precipitation.