Spring break at the beach

Not a whole lot of ice this year. I can remember walking along the hummocks on the second sand bar in *April*. Not so much this year. Note that the hummocks are not terribly dangerous on our beach (the water is very shallow) but they are extremely dangerous in other places on the great lakes. We are still very careful about them on our beach and do not climb (or slide) down into them.

But I’m not at the moomincabin. I’m on The Planet Ann Arbor where I made chicken pot pie (but not the purple kind) and salad and various nibblies, shrimp ring, Tracklements smoked salmon, flavored goat cheese and crackers. I cooked for the Planet Ann Arbor beach urchins and their partners and had a great time doing it although I also enjoy when they come over and cook for meeeee.

That’s all for now. G’night!

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