Meme of the day

And no it’s not the alpacas. My mouse took this pic but I know where this place is and pass by it fairly frequently. But isn’t that big guy on the right actually a llama? I am “cornfused”, as the LSCHP would sometimes say – out loud in meetings in his big booming voice. But I haven’t done the due diligence to look up the differences between llamas and alpacas. I only sorta know them.

Anyway, the meme of the day was this:

Little girl: Mom, what is a contradiction?

Mom: Believing that a 12-year-old is mature enough to give birth but needs parental approval to check out a library book.

Yes, there are many loaded issues within this short conversation. But still.

Today was a day fraught with the damn taxes. I was doing an archaeological dig here at teleCubelandia and the negative, stressful energy emanating from what I will call the Tax Room was driving me NUTS. It’s all done now and the damn taxes have been sent in. I’m not really complaining. I am happy that the GG has taken on this increasingly more complicated task. I remember when I would sit cross-legged on the floor in the back room and do the taxes in like a half hour. Without a computer.

Tonight the GG was on a long phone call with a sibling. I ruled out one (his ID twin) because they talked about the twin (oh nothing bad, just his current whereabouts), another is currently visiting his grandchildren in a western state and I doubted he would be calling the GG about web cams and cloud storage from there. This was a male voice and his other two brothers are dead. That leaves FlaMan. Who sounded like he was in really good form today. So yay!

One Response to “Meme of the day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes, there are SO many contradictions in the GOP politics. I can’t even wrap my brain around most of them. My taxes are finished too. I owed $142 and had to pay over $500 for my tax preparer. I can’t do them with the rental; they’re too complicated. Otherwise, I probably could.