I actually hate memes

I meant to say that yesterday but last evening I was particularly scattered and you get what you get. This is not some kind of covid brain fog. I don’t have covid and I did not get long covid from my one case two years ago. It’s just the usual data soup that has always occupied my brain. I have a lot of data in there at this point. Not as much as Joe Biden though. Nevertheless, I feel pretty darn sharp and when I listen to Biden talk, I think he is too. At least he doesn’t vomit garbage pails full of partially digested word salad like his opponent does.

Anyway, I do hate memes. For one thing, they often spell things wrong. I mean, if you are writing two short sentences, can you at least proof-read your work? And maybe get the apostrophes right? Even when the spelling and syntax are accurate, I don’t always understand them. I mean I have NEVER understood that cat meme. Maybe you know the one. The left half is a couple of women apparently screaming. The right half is the Lord High Muckity-Muck sitting at a fancy dinner table looking imperious. What is going on here? I get that cats can kinda rule their owners. I just don’t quiiiite get this meme. I wouldn’t let a frickin’ cat push me around but maybe I am totally misunderstanding.

And I have KNOWN a Lord High Muckity-Muck cat. I didn’t own him. He was a moominbeach cat. Not feral and not a stray.

His name was originally Mike. After my cousin maybe? (Y’all may know him as the Mean Old Grunchie Old Grinchie and Mike isn’t even his real name). My cousin (not the Grinch) originally owned Mike but when she moved west to take a teaching job, her mother (my aunt), The White Tornado, who loved pets, adopted him and he was very well taken care of.

He was allowed to wander as cats were in those days. So Mike got to know Duke and Radical Betty and my family and frequently visited all of us. I will never forget when The Commander allowed Mike to come in to the moomicabin and climb into bed with me. He walked all over my head to wake me up.

The Lord High Muckity-Muck had a lot of names besides Mike. One of them was Muksaslouie (I don’t really know how to spell that). There are a LOT of stories about this legendary catsa but I won’t go there tonight.

2 Responses to “I actually hate memes”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like some memes but there are some in BlogLand who do nothing but memes plus a little bit of commentary. It’s difficult to know what to comment, if anything. I agree about Biden and his opponent. One is clearly sane (although old), kind and intelligent whereas the other is the opposite of that.

  2. Pam J. Says:

    There’s a Wikipedia entry on that meme, which I (hangs head in shame) read and I still don’t get the meme. I learned where the two unrelated images came from but I still don’t get why it’s funny. Oh well.