I could’ve posted a pic of a dead snake but…

You get these new daffs instead. The snake was victim to a controlled burn and I got the pic in a text from my mouse.

This pic is the same ol’ same ol’ bunch of daffs that come up every year. I always have to take a pic anyway. I also found a couple little violet-like flowering plants (tiny ones) on my afternoon trip to the compost heap. And a pair of robins have been out there scouting out nesting platforms. We have three. Let’s fill ’em up! Um, I think only one of the platforms was made (by the GG) to attract robins. Another one is on top of a set of security lights, which we do NOT turn on when robins nest there. And I’m not sure about the third.

Way back when I first started my blahg of blather (2003), my brother was still alive and once I posted some kind of dead aminal. Most likely it was something that drifted onto the beach but I can’t remember. Most of our dead flotsam is seagulls but sometimes other stuff comes in. I remember when I was a kid there was a dead dog and I walked by it for weeks while it decomposed. I don’t remember being freaked out about it at all. One of its eyes was particularly interesting but I can’t put into words why.

Anyway my brother responded to my dead aminal post with, “Oh dead aminals on the blahg”, followed by a photo of a dead sturgeon that had washed up. BIG FISH.

Well, we’ve been porterized tonight and I am kinda done and ready to watch a Crown episode. I am nearing the end and I am still enjoying it but I think the screen writer and producer, etc., made a wise decision to stop after six seasons.

Sayonara, KW.

2 Responses to “I could’ve posted a pic of a dead snake but…”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    I’m looking forward to watching the final season of The Crown but for now I’m satisfied with the non-story of Kate’s Photoshopped Family Picture. Where IS her wedding ring? What WAS that planned abdominal surgery all about? In a world where trump is in the news more than anything else (except Ukraine and Gaza) finding interest in royal news is soothing to me.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I would probably enjoy the Crown but that many seasons intimidates me! Like Pam, I’m fascinated by the Kate drama as a distraction. It proves that everyone, no matter how rich, beautiful or famous has issues. I don’t think her surgery was minor or planned. There is so much hidden here that it sets off my sensors. I don’t think I’ve posted any dead animals but as much walking as I do, I could. They would be gruesome though.