“Sunbeam strike”

The title is in quotes because I “stole” it from an Instagram commenter. I thought it was perfect. It is (of course) apped with the “color leak” filter which I definitely overuse. I was waiting to make a left turn outta the Plum Market parking lot and what I was doing was totally illegal because in this state there is a law against using a phone (with your hands) to do *anything* while driving. A law that I actually agree with.

Booooks. I finished “Interesting Facts about Space”. I liked it quite a lot (a bit draggy from time to time). I still think it wouldn’t be everyone’s cuppa. I can’t even feature the GG reading it.

Today I read “Nemesis”, a short fictional portrayal of one of the big polio epidemics that happened before I was born. I can’t remember how this book flew by me on the internet but I am at the point where I can read about pandemics without anxiety and polio is interesting to me because just a year *after* I was born, the polio vaccine became available. I got it plus the oral booster some 10 years later. We lined up at the National Guard facility in Sault Ste. Siberia to get our sugar cube.

I (of course) don’t have any real memories about polio but a kid my age contracted it as a baby and walked with a big fugly leg brace. I had a “brace” when I was a baby, for a big toe that turned in. I don’t remember my brace at all but when hearing about it years later, I imagined a big metal apparatus like Shane had. Years later than *that* when I posted a pic of me as a baby, a cousin asked something like, “What is that sock thing?” I looked at the pic again and realized it was my brace.

This was an interesting book and I recognized a lot of the confusion we experienced in the beginning years of covid (although I think we STILL have a lot of confusion about covid). The book disappointed me a bit but that was not unexpected because it’s an author I have mixed feelings about. The only other book I have read by him is “Portnoy’s Complaint”.

I was a teenager when it was published and my mom and I would “share” books at that time. She bought it and I asked, “Can I read it when you’re done?” “Sure!” But then the book quickly disappeared. I found it in a drawer and as I started to read it, I realized why it disappeared. I knew the basic facts of life by that time but I sure learned some things from that book. I also didn’t like it very well. I am not a fan of gratuitous sex now and I think it started with that book. Nemesis didn’t have any of that but it left me unsatisfied in a way I can’t articulate. That said, I am glad it is now in my repertoire of epidemic/pandemic fiction.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember the sugar cube too–with the pink dot in it. I was SO excited. As the granddaughter of a dentist, we rarely got sweets and I couldn’t wait to crunch on that sugar cube. I wince at the thought now. My favorite fiction book about early Covid days was “Lucy By the Sea” by Elizabeth Strout. It took me right back to those times, not always a good thing.