I finished the sixth and last season of The Crown last night. As I have said before, I really enjoyed this series even though I am not a particular fan of the British royalty. I wasn’t totally crazy about the last scene but I sorta get what they were trying to do.

So. What do I watch next… I mean what does KW watch all by her lonesome… The GG and I are watching yet another rendition of Fargo together. This kind of stuff works for us to watch together. As I’ve said before, he may have liked some of the early Crown episodes but I doubt he’d have tolerated much past maybe the second season.

A visiting beach urchin suggested All Creatures Great and Small for KW alone. I have read the books (some of them) but I was a bit skeptical. I was on a ski trip to Steamboat Springs in my youth. There were eight of us in my uncle’s big van (license plate BGY747). I was with two sets of aunts and uncles, two cousins, and the wife of one of them. The other cousin was the Mean Old Grunchy Old Grinchie. We were both young (22 and 25) and single and we whooped it up pretty darn good with the locals and other tourists once we got to Steamboat Springs. People were buying us beers and I think that’s the first time I heard the song “Up Against the Wall You Redneck Mothers”. A big part of the fun was that other people didn’t always know the Grinch and I were related. So they thought we were a couple. Nope. We’re cousins. And not kissin’ cousins. Although we did love each other and still do, I don’t think we always clarified all of that on that trip. It was fun to toy with people. BTW: I could HANDLE skiing there but The Grinch was a MUCH BETTER skier than I was! Memories from some of the misspent parts of my youth.

It’s a long drive from Michigan to Colorado and I ran out of things to read on the way. One of my aunts offered All Creatures Great and Small and I enjoyed it and read a sequel or two. Still, yesterday I wasn’t sure the TV series would be the right fit for meeee. But I finished the Crown and I still needed a bit more chill-out time so I started on All Creatures. I think it’s a gonna be a keeper for me.

I don’t binge watch TV series-es(???plural of this???). I mean I don’t spend weekends watching episodes one after another after another. With KW-alone stuff, I usually watch one a night, occasionally I will watch a second. If I don’t fall asleep. If I am watching something with the GG, we watch it in the Cozy Room on The Mothership (his big iMac) while eating dinner. So yeah, we’re eating while Fargo is throwing people into wood chippers and whatever…

That’s enough for now, right? The pic is from Mouse. It’s a vernal pond and the colors are from various minerals in the water.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I love “All Creatures Great and Small”–both the books and the series. You’re watching the new one? I’m bingeing “Call the Midwife” Season 13.