Jerry is a genius!

It is 10 years ago this week that we began the Landfill chitchen reno. We did NOT do it ourselves despite the fact that the GG is a big time DIY-er. This is often handy but it can also be pretty annoying.

We hired Certified Kitchen Lady and her outfit and we were NOT disappointed. It wasn’t exactly cheap but I didn’t care and it didn’t break the bank. They started on time, maybe even a day or two early? That was okay. We were more than ready. And they finished a couple days early. And it was/is gorgeous! At least I think it is.

A problem? This person wrote her name ON THE WALL as a toddler. I took photos of it the night before the demolition. I didn’t expect we would be able to actually SAVE IT. This kiddo figured out how to write her name when she was about two-and-a-half. She started on paper and I wish I had a video that showed how she would write the first letter, turn the paper completely upside down, and then write the rest of her name. I think by the time she wrote this one, she had figured out how not to turn the paper upside down because you certainly can’t do that when you are writing on a WALL.

The GG was a wee bit nervous to get started on this prodject, being a DIY-er. (Yes you were nervous.) And then he met Jerry, the lead carpenter. We showed the wall writing to Jerry. His unexpected response was, “I can get that off of there for you!” And he did. And that little piece of drywall is now framed. The GG’s response to that was, “Jerry is a GENIUS!” Indeed.

One Response to “Jerry is a genius!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How thoughtful of Jerry! Many construction guys wouldn’t go to the effort although I suspect my late husband would have also.