Polar Vortex memories

This is not today. This is March 2014, our Polar Vortex Winter. The one where Canada got drunk and fell asleep down here on top of the United Snakes. I did not come up with that thing about Canananada but I wish I had. And that is not a dig at Canadians at all (one set of my grandparents were born there and they were teetotalers). It’s just a weather “funny”.

I had shoveled twice that day. Or possibly my first shovel had happened a day or so before. Whenever it was, it happened at 0-skunk-30 when it was still pitch black. I dunno how many inches fell in that snowfall but I got the walks and the driveway done in the first shovel. I think the GG was still gainfully employed at that time? So I got it done before he had to leave for work. Whatever day this was, when I got home from my work at Cubelandia in the afternoon, the plows had (finally) been by, and there was the usual big berm of cement-like snow at the end of the driveway. I was driving the Frog Hopper and I didn’t think even that vee-hickle (Subie Outback) could get through that berm. So I shoveled it out and parked the Frog Hopper and the GG had no problem parking the Ninja.

A couple years after that, the GG asked for a big yooper style snowblower for xmas or whatever and I bought it for him. And nowadays he does most of the snow clearing. Of course *this* year, 10 years after the Polar Vortex, I can’t remember if the snowblower has been used even once. We have had so little snow. The authorities are threatening us with significant snow on Friday? Maybe? Less than six inches if I have it right. It will snarl the morning commute (if it happens) but it will melt fast since Monday’s forecast is in the 40s and rain. In mid-late March, I don’t usually bother shoveling.

Old Man Winter probably has a few more snowballs to throw at us this year but our street will not look like this.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember that but not that it was that long ago. I wonder if it was also a hard winter here. I’ll have to go back into my archives!