Thank you for sorting the garbage!

Or not. I put a few unidentified (to me) things from the freezer into the garbage today. They have been in the freezer since xmas and they are NOT things we (I) will ever eat.

I also put the ONE remaining slice of home-made pizza in there. It was from last Wednesday. That’s more than a week. The pizza was what started the garbage sorting. GG: Where is the leftover pizza? KW: I threw the last remaining piece out. It’s been over a week and I have rules about this stuff. It’s why you don’t ever get food poisoning😵‍💫

The GG identified one of the things in the garbage as the xmas duck carcass. A beach urchin had expressed interest in it so I threw it in the freezer. Welp. That was three months ago and I am done done done, da dun dun dun. If she hasn’t collected it by now, it is no longer on her radar screen and I want to remove it from MY radar screen. So thanks for making me (minorly) stressed out about it…

He comes by this honestly. When we would go to the Moldy Old Cabin at Hoton Lake, The Gumper (his dad) would often take passes through the various garbage containers to see what someone might be recklessly throwing out. Once it was jalapeno cream cheese with MOLD in it. After I threw it out, we took a trip around the lake to buy food and hardware and when we got back, the cream cheese was NOT in the garbage and the Gumper was crowing about making a bagel “with that ‘japaleno’ cream cheese”. He was having great fun at my expense. He KNEW “japaleno” was not the right word and I don’t think he actually ate the moldy cream cheese. More likely he spread his bagel with peanut butter, which I can’t really even fathom. Seems like a bagel with peanut butter would glue your mouth shut.

Anyway, it was funny when The Gumper did stuff like that but I was hoping that trait wouldn’t pass to the next generation. After The Gumper died, his kids took a few years to regroup and then we tore down the Moldy Old and replaced it with a modern dwelling. It is gorgeous but some of us still miss the Moldy Old.

P.S. I can’t really complain too much because yesterday he dragged a whole bunch of scrap metal off to wherever they take scrap metal. How do we end up with all this scrap?

The pic is the last mess I cleaned up in the Fugly Old Landfill Chitchen, the evening before they came to demolish it. It isn’t “garbage”. It is compost and somehow I managed to flip the container off the counter. And yes I cleaned it up and dumped it in the bin in the back of the back yard.

One Response to “Thank you for sorting the garbage!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My dad once ate moldy sour cream after scraping off the mold. “Waste not, want not” was his motto, child of the Depression and of low income parents.