Oh, just chill, ya ol’ bag.

toasterbobMe, that is! I’m sure y’all are chillin’ just fine! (Sorry fer the slang, Mus Musculus.) I have somehow managed to make it through an entire week of work. The week after my annual vacation, that is. Work was fine, actually it gave my brain a refuge from, well, you know, my brain! My brain at work is nothing like my brain in my chaotic, cluttered house. At work, it is pretty calm, measured, and collected. Or not. I suppose there are a few co-workers who might think I am even more nuts than they already think I am if they stumble upon this bunch of blather.

Anyway, we are at Houghton Lake and I am totally sick of the blasted freeways, just like I usually am at this time of year. Oh where, oh where did my floo powder go? Oh where, oh where can it be? It wasn’t even one of those trips from hell. We took the Lansing route and there were no slowdowns anywhere. It rained pretty hard for a few minutes but no tornadoes touched down anywhere near us. In fact, I doubt there were tornadoes anywhere in the Great Lake State today. The clouds we did see from about Lansing through the rest of the trip were indescribably gorgeous and they will have to remain that way because I was driving. If I hadn’t been driving, I’d’ve dredged out the GG’s digital cam and taken some photos. I may have even gotten off on an exit to do that. Oh yeah, I am using the GG’s cam because I left mine at Fin Family Moominbeach. I did *not* leave my UFP up there this time but I *did* forget to bring it to Houghton Lake this weekend. My brain is on drugs. Psychedelic ones. Don’tcha know. Or maybe fried egg ones.

For the first time since early June, we are here for the whole weekend. Maybe I’ll be able to find the quilt magazines/patterns that I left up here then and have forgotten to look for every blasted time I have passed through here all summer. The last time I was here, it was just an overnight but the 20-somethings were here with us and I miss them. This weekend it’s just a bunch of old farts. And there is one of them, Toaster Bob, in the pic. And Hurricane Bill is sitting across the kitchen from me reading random blahgs on my old Powerbook. It’s supposed to be unseasonably “cool” tomorrow. What the heck? It’s been unseasonably cool all summer. G’night. -KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    There weren’t any slow downs anywhere?? I am such an old bag that I hesitate to drive anywhere near Seattle unless it’s at the optimum (ha ha) time, and even then there are slow downs. Ugh. I hope you’re having a relaxing, albeit coolish time. 🙂