The Wabash Cannonball

The GG space-i-fied me today by driving down to O-haaa-o to meet with some folks down there for a mini-hike and I dunno what else. North Country Trail and Wabash Cannonball Trail folks. It’s complicated so don’t ask.

Apparently the group SANG the Wabash Cannonball song! This cracked me up to no end. Whenever I hear anything about the Wabash Cannonball, it makes me think about my childhood career over at the EPA. At one point in time we were getting big boxes of paper from a company called Wabash. I’m not sure if it still makes/sells paper or not. My boss Byron would walk (seemingly endlessly) through the “computer room” hauling Wabash boxes in and out. (We used to use soooo much paper.) Byron was quite bald and one of my co-workers once said, “Here comes the Wabash Cannonball”. We were very young and we totally cracked up. The crazy things that stick in your head.

I really liked working for Byron and I have all kinds of stories about him but I’ll spare you for now.

The little line of snow in the sorta foreground of the pic heading out to the She-Shed is where the power line shaded the ground from Mr. Golden Sun. When he was on that side of the house. It was good that the GG ran his snowblower yesterday but as I always say, in March, especially LATE March, when Mr. Golden shines brightly after a snowstorm, he melts Old Man Winter. Even though we only got into the mid 30s today, all paved surfaces are DRY now. Snow only lingers in grassy spots that Mr. Golden Sun didn’t shine down on for whatever reason.

One Response to “The Wabash Cannonball”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Nice to have sun even if the weather is still chilly. I’m sure I would recognize that song if I heard it!