Ice and sunny

The most mundane things sometimes provide photo ops. The Lyme Lounge hangs at the top of the Landfill Driveway when it is not somewhere else. It blocks my view of the neighbors’ back yard but the current neighbor doesn’t engage in Burke behavior, i.e., hanging out in the back yard sans clothing. (Burke was a good neighbor and we miss him.)

Anyway, I was getting dinner ready last night and I glanced out the chitchen window and WOW! What was the Lyme Lounge up to? YELLOW! and ICE! Snow on top of the LL had apparently “dribbled”, then when the temps dropped, the dribbles froze.

Light can do interesting things to our house at this time of the year when the trees don’t have leaves yet and Mr. Golden Sun deigns to make an appearance. So, maybe TMI but a beach urchin was over here and the skirt I was wearing (thin black cotton) went see-through when MGS shone brightly through the front door and silhouetted my bare legs beneath it. Fortunately I was not in, uh, commando mode at the time.

Moving right along, that got me motivated to do some dusting today. I don’t do a lot of dusting. I would do more dusting if I didn’t have to move all kinds of crapola outta the way. But this is ALSO the time of year when MGS’s rays highlight every blasted mote of dust anywhere. As we will be hosting a SMALL SECULAR observance of Easter next weekend, I knew my OTHER beach urchin would notice dust.

So that was my day. I actually had the idea to get lunch at the Griz or Conor O’Neill’s or somewhere but somehow I never got around to making it happen. But NOTE! It was MY idea and that means I am finally coming out of my state of covid cowardice. (But not enough to go to Ireland.) Oh, make no mistake, I have been to restaurants, etc. Even a Big Fat Greek Wedding and a crowded symposium. But this would’ve been on MY initiative, not just me timidly but bravely going with the flow.

And YES, life is better for me as it was four years ago (except for the loss of people’s reproductive rights – I’ll go there another day though). What are people thinking? I have to add that it was not “bad” exactly four years ago. Weird and scary might be better words at least for those of us who could afford to avoid covid. But people *were* dying from a virus “we” didn’t understand and the Meanie in Chief was promoting quack remedies like hydroxychloroquine and putting lights inside human bodies. Or whatever. I never did understand exactly what the Crackpot in Chief was talking about with the lights and I have seen the video clip multiple times. How can anyone want the Orange Baboon back as president?

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m worried that people are only looking at high gas and food prices and not looking at the reasons behind those. Simplistic to just say those are the president’s fault or that he has much control over them. As I recall, the GOP voted down the Inflation Reduction Act like they did the Border one. The current crop of Republicans don’t want to govern or do what’s best for the U.S., they want a dictator and absolute control. End rant.