Jingle bells Santa smells…

In my mind, the lyrics to an “alternate” version of Jingle Bells is something like: Jingle Bells, Santa Smells, Easter’s on the way. I can’t find that on the internet, not that I have tried very hard. I mean it’s kinda like googling if Soupy Sales is dead, which I have done and yes he is. And I didn’t ever see him on TV because we didn’t have TV until I was two and when we did get TV, we didn’t have a channel with Soupy Sales on it. Not that we knew who Soupy Sales was. I only remember watching Howdy Doody at that age and that is a pretty vague memory. And Don Ramsey and his family country-style band on Sault Ste. Siberia Ontario channel 2, CJIC.

Anyway, I get search results with “Batman smells” and some other variations and I’m not gonna go any farther than that tonight. I remember making this bunny Halloween costume (she’s only wearing the head here). I made a lot of Halloween costumes in my day, some of them quite elaborate. And then. I just kinda quit. I mean how many sequins can you sew around a fairy’s wings. The kindergargen teacher said, “Those wings will fall apart. Nope they didn’t but still. Sigh.

The rabbit in the pic was home from school “sick” with something very mild but contagious so I kept her home and let her ride her bike up and down the sidewalk. It’s okay. She did not feel “like sand”, i.e., it wasn’t strep or whatever. So I was NOT a Bad Mom. At least not that time.

So if we can figger out how to get a SLICED ham that isn’t umpteen bazillion pounds (I’m thinking a quarter ham), we will have Easter dinner here. In a SECULAR way, mind you. I don’t believe in resurrection of dead people although I do welcome the spring “rebirth” of living things. Metaphors matter.

Asparagus? Bring it on. But it’s too early for local asparagus here so I’ll have to buy some from Californy or Chile or wherever. I think the GG will venture over to Honey Baked Hams for the ham. We don’t eat ham often except for Easter and the occasional Canadian Bacon for Eggs Benny.

One Response to “Jingle bells Santa smells…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So far I have no plans for Easter. Perhaps take out Thai food? (since I don’t like ham much)