Fraud waste and abuse

Well where we were? Mr. Bear totally whupped my *ss in a spec review this morning. As usual, he was right. I wasn’t exactly wrong but I had neglected to include some important context. Live and learn and I’m taking my licks.

The GG? The phone crapola from hell continued ALL DAY. That included a 120-mile round trip drive and he is STILL working on it now. No resolution.

I’m not gonna talk about this situation online but it reminds me of a time The Commander had a twisted issue with her cable TV service. Someone had talked her into changing her service plan or whatever. Well fine. Except that after the change, whenever she changed the channel, it took something like SEVEN seconds for the channel to change. I’m not sure whether this bothered her all that much but when I was up there, IT DROVE ME CRAY-ZEE!!!

The GG tried to take care of it on a visit. He got along famously with my mom and was of great help to her – and me – in her last few years. So he went out to the cable company and asked them to change the service plan back to what it was before. Oh, no. We can’t do that. It isn’t under her name. It’s under Mr. FinFam’s name (aka my dad). After quite some back and forth, the GG said, “Well, Mr. FinFam has been DEAD for five(?) years!” That got them moving. Fortunately I don’t think they asked for a death certificate. I mean, we certainly had them but the GG did not have one in hand at that moment.

All of this stuff is in the name of security and protecting people from fraud. But we’re talking about phones and cable TV, not financial accounts. If The Comm was a fraud victim, it was the cable company itself that was the perpetrator because they talked her into changing her service. I know that there are plenty of ways to defraud people via phone and cable services but there has GOT to be a better way to handle these things especially when people are trying to help vulnerable friends and relatives navigate complicated tech “support” systems.

I love this pic of The Comm. I can’t remember what I had said but this knife was her response 🤣🤣🤣 I love you moom wherever you are.

P.S. On the radio… Cows and a couple people have come down with bird flu. Listening to the story, I am not terrified about this but in case it mutates into something disastrous, we do NOT need the orange baboon back in office. He did a TERRIBLE job with the last “plague”. Don’t bring him back.

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