Bird feeder acrobatics

My daughter came to visit today for a utility beer (and to pick up some eclipse glasses). I had gotten ahead of the game and ordered a couple of eclipse “kits”, each of which had a few pairs of glasses. How did I figure out that these glasses were safe? They were made by Celestron and we have owned a Celestron telescope forever. We viewed Halley’s Comet through it in Florida in 1986. We (probably) have some leftover eclipse glasses from the 2017 eclipse. I’m sure Frooogy has a pair squirreled away somewhere. I ordered new ones anyway because I didn’t want the GG to turn the house upside down looking for the old ones. Two eclipse kits do not break the bank and the house needs to be turned upside down but I’d rather it happen in a more organized fashion.

It was fun to have my daughter over here for a while, just me and her. We had thought we might sit outside. Alas. I did that earlier in the afternoon and it was very warm and I had to wear a sun hat. But then, the wind picked up, clouds came in, and the temperature dropped so by the time she got here (she had pottery stuff to do this afternoon), we decided to sit inside. But still, without the GG, we can talk about polly-ticks and complain about all the stupid stuff people post on facebook, etc. Michelle Obama has said over and over that she does not WANT to be president so why do people think the “Democrats” will somehow “get rid” of Biden and “replace” him with Michelle Obama. Or whatever. I wish for a different set of candidates but that’s just CRAY-ZEE! Again, I will vote for Biden any day over the orange baboon.

In more mundane fun, this squoil was highly entertaining! It went through all kinds of gyrations to get from the roof to the bird feeder and was sometimes successful. Squirrels can do a lot of things that (most) humans can’t. I think one of the reasons they can is because they have such a significant TAIL. The tail (not to mention a lot of other anatomical differences) has to provide a different center of balance than most humans have but I don’t really know how all that works. I do know that I cannot jump from a flimsy tree branch up onto a roof and then down to a bird feeder.

What I do know is that the GG has been battling with squoils (and sometimes chipmunks) around here forever. On the Easter holiday, our daughters’ partners apparently had a wonderful time watching the GG battle the squoils. I knew there was a battle going on but I wasn’t really watching it because it’s been going on forever. He talks about Squirrel Electrification but I dunno… He’s tried that before and the squoils don’t seem to be deterred. I am glad he was entertaining.

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