Sun Day Moon Day

I did not travel to the path of totality. I weighed that option but for several reasons chose to stay put. 1) The GG took the Lyme Lounge. It has running water but no bathroom and bathroom facilities in Ohio parks are not yet open for the season. I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT go even one day without a shower. 2) I could easily have taken a vacation day but prefer to take those in the summer and I knew there would be some w-a-i-t-i-n-g around. Not my strong suit. 3) The Planet Ann Arbor was not all that far away from totality and I caught a decent show from my back yard plus it was a beautiful sunny 70 degree day. Our mouse and racc also traveled to Ohio but they were in a different location from the GG and theirs was a day trip.

In the end it was a GORGEOUS day and I actually played hooky watching for pretty much the whole duration from my back yard. And no, I did not stare at the sun in my eclipse glasses the whole time. I donned them on and off for quick peeks. I have never seen totality but I’ve seen a few that were close, like this one was. Yes, it really does get colder when it starts getting darker.

I have experienced this a few times, notably in 2017 (where I watched at work – big party!) but also once when I was a kid skiing at Mission Hill. That also wasn’t totality but it was snowing all day and during the time the sun went into shadow, I was coming down Number 1 and I remember it got extra dark, colder, and was snowing a LOT harder for the duration. I THINK that’s a real memory but not sure. And I wanna say my backyard birds (today) shifted from daytime song to early morning or evening sound but I am no expert.

Actually I kinda played hooky from work for most of the afternoon. I couldn’t quite muster up the right energy to get back to work afterwards. It didn’t sound like anyone else had plans for major productivity either.

I did not take these pics. I didn’t really have the technology or the guzzinto to take pics. The GG sent me these from O-haaa-o. The first one COULD be an iPhone but more likely an SLR. In the second one, the telescope is involved and I’m not sure which camera. He also has solar filters so not sure how they fit in. I’ve lost track of what cameras we/he own/s. I’ve been using my iPhone exclusively for many years.

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