Kitchen things are to be used IN the kitchen!

So Himself returned from his eclipse junket this afternoon after a late breakfast of porterization in Wakaponeta. He spent the rest of the afternoon debugging the Lyme Lounge from its latest adventure and when I came in to the kitchen to get dinner in the hopper, I could not find my dishcloth!

This is not just ANY dishcloth. It’s one I KNITTED. Turns out I really like dishcloths made out of cotton yarn and I have a few now. But I do NOT want them used to clean whatever needed cleaning in the Lyme Lounge. Plus I don’t like wondering where the hell the one I hung over the faucet just a couple hours ago IS!

So. Things that are used in the kitchen are NOT to be removed from the kitchen. If you need something from the kitchen, ask! I don’t care if it’s a cloth or a pan or whatever. And please do NOT take one of my “10 bowls” set! Years ago, The Commander was down here one time and the GG had taken some sort of cloth or towel outta the kitchen and used it in an automotive fashion. NO NO NO NO! The Comm did NOT get involved in her children’s stupid marital arguments but she subsequently obtained some nice red cloths from an automotive store and quietly presented them to him. Maybe I need to take a note.

I finished “I Cheerfully Refuse” and I am still processing it but yes yes yes. Dystopian near-future novel set on Lake Superior. And yes, mostly ON Superior. The protagonist spends most of his time traveling ON the lake piloting an inherited sailboat. I won’t say enough to give away any spoilers but what intrigued me the most was that a lot of the action takes place on Michipicoten Island and the Slate Islands. These islands are Canadian. Michipicoten is seasonally inhabited by a *few* people with summer “camps”. I doubt they have electricity or cell service and since it isn’t all that close to the “mainland”, they would have to schlep a LOT of grocks (and beer) out there for whatever the planned duration. The Slate Islands are inhabited by animals, including caribou.

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