Git those dad-blasted scammers!

paintedrocksThe Reservation Rewards folks, to be specific here. Wave to Mary and the gang. They monitor the blogosphere, don’tcha know. It was the spring of 2007 when I looked at one of our credit card statements and what I saw there snapped me out of the fog I’d been bumbling through for the last two years of losing The Engineer and Grandroobly and quitting my so-called job and the beach urchins fledging to college and California, yada yada.

It wasn’t a lot of money. My credit card wasn’t maxed out with trips to Timbuctoo on the space shuttle. It was a $10 a month charge from an organization called Reservation Rewards. The problem was that I had no memory of signing up for anything from any organization that would incur a $10 a month charge for what amounted to nothing. They had been charging my credit card that fee for 13 months. Yes. Say what? I think they count on the fact that some folks will not notice a small charge on their credit card, even if it happens every month. And I didn’t during that time span. But… You can click here to read what I cobbled together more than two years ago about the whole thing. Was it really that long ago? Kee-reist. I got all $130 back and then after it was all done, a $99 charge appeared on that VISA from some different organization. One that smelled to my supernose a lot like Reservation Rewards although after some serious googling, I couldn’t connect the two. I managed to get that thing reversed too after some painful labyrinthine phone calls and I have been watching my bank accounts and credit cards online like a hawk ever since then. No further problems. I feel that Reservation Rewards engages in deceptive practices and my brain was thinking “class action lawsuit” at that time but I certainly didn’t have the knowledge or the energy to start one up.

Hahahahahah! Today! The GG sent me a link to a class action lawsuit against none other than Reservation Rewards! You’ll have to copy/paste the link into your browser if you’re interested, it broke my wordpress page: These Reservation Rewards folks (don’t forget to wave at Mary and the gang) need to be shut down. I am not going to participate in the class action lawsuit, I don’t think. I got all of our $130 back and, if I have it right, the most we could get out of it would be an additional $20. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe I should join the suit to keep this kind of stuff from happening again… I couldn’t care less about the $20 but… Hmm…

Good night,
Kayak Woman

P.S. If all of you blogosphere-monitoring folks from Reservation Rewards have found this goofy little blahg, you can comment if you want but please don’t bother contacting me by email. I just hope all of you will decide to find a legitimate business to work in.

One Response to “Git those dad-blasted scammers!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My husband got that on his credit card and we had to spend a lot of time dealing with it. It was NOT FUN and it seemed like a huge scam. I’m glad they’re getting nailed.