What does it mean when your boss starts following you on Twitter while you’re on vacation?

weaverI suppose it could mean a lot of different things, depending on who your boss is and who you are and what you do for a living, etc., etc., ad nauseam. I happen to work in one of the more stodgy industries around and I happen to have a great boss who puts up with me and my sometimes rather quirky behavior pretty darn well. I doubt he reads this, I’m just saying. Anyway. The reason for the Twitter follow was to send a communication to me and frankly, although my first reaction was to absolutely dissolve in laughter, it was an ingenious method! Think about it. If your boss *calls* you while you are on vacation, what are the first and second and third things you think? Hmm… 1) I am fired. 2) I have done something absolutely unforgiveable (and am fired). 3) I dunno what three is, you can use your imagination but it surely includes some version of “I am fired”. But Twitter? I dunno if anyone has ever been fired on Twitter, maybe it has happened. But it certainly wasn’t my first thought and, indeed, he was trying to arrange a fun team outing and wanted to know my availability for it. So yes, I follow my boss (and vice versa) on Twitter. It’s okay. We’re both adults. He’s got too much going on in his life to be running for King of Twitter and I go in spurts and both of us are pretty careful about what gets tweeted.

This entry really isn’t about my boss. It was an interesting summer technology-wise in general and Twitter also came in handy for meeting up with our northern correspondent Paulette. She’s the one who notifies us when the seagulls return in the winter and other important events. And so. Paulette on a rainy Saturday afternoon: “Have you seen this interesting larvae?” Clumpity clumpity, a whole bunch of folks clump down to the beach to check out the larvae and end up seeing all *kinds* of interesting wildlife including the crayfish that serves as my current Twitter profile pic. Paulette early one morning: “I’m on the Yoga Rock!” KW finishes up some breakfast chores just in time to meet Paulette on her way back from the Yoga Rock. Paulette on a beautiful evening: “Whine on the beach!” Clumpity clumpity, KW clumps her way down to Paulette’s end of the beach for whine. Pooh and Fudge (or Sophie?) in attendance. Yes. If it is particularly important to get hold of someone *right now*, we use phones or text messages or whatever. But Twitter has led to some very serendipitous moments.

Oh yeah, that photo? Old technology anyone? The Commander has her loom set up on the beach. I dunno when this was. I’m sure I wasn’t around yet, although I very clearly remember the loom (it’s still around) and even those canvas beach chairs (which are not around). But I think this was before I was born and it may be *well* before I was born because they were married for 11 years before they had their first child. The child that turned out to be me.

5 Responses to “What does it mean when your boss starts following you on Twitter while you’re on vacation?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Wow–what a juxtaposition of old and new. A loom on a beach a “while” ago on a blog site! I don’t think my boss twitters. He barely even Facebooks.

  2. Marquis Says:

    My boss reads my blog and mentioned again today, that he had been following it.

    My other boss called while I was on vacation, he called at eleven on Wednesday and I didn’t get back to him until Thursday. When he called, there was no one in the Cabin to hear the phone and no one noticed the blinking message light until the following morning’s breakfast.

  3. Kathy Farnell Says:

    I am very surprised that Mouse has not talked the Commander into dragging out the old loom and trying it out. Mouse seems to like old things like spinning wheels and old sewing machines. Hey a good job for Mouse would be to teach knitting, sewing etc. (Just until she gets a job she really wants.) It would keep her busy and she would probably really have fun. (I’ll bet a lot of U of M students would love to knit instead of going to a party.) Teach people how to use a loom.

  4. Paulette Says:

    I really enjoyed using Twitter to get in contact with you for beach meanderings and whining! WHat a hoot. Still have not seen froggie!

  5. Fran Says:

    !Mouse did try the loom at the cabin and found out all I knew in about an hour and a half !