Trumputin’ along

Kim Jong Un completes this trio but he is not visible in the pic. He’s behind them facing the other direction. Oh maybe you can kind of see him, in the shadow of the OB’s face. Is that an ear?

And it’s an old pic from the 2018 Festifools Parade. I can’t find a good link to Festifools. It seems they don’t have a website and I’m not gonna link to their facebook page. But there are third-party news articles and things out there so google it if you’re interested in a parade featuring larger-than-life puppets like the ones in the pic.

We used to go to Festifools and its companion event Fool Moon every year. One year the GG wore his ghillie suit, which is tricked out with huge googly eyes. He was very popular that year and a bunch of women hugged him. I on the other hand was wearing basically business casual 🐽 Playing the straight woman. We would usually leave before the parade was over so we could stop at the Oscar Tango for a wee cocktail before the crowds hit.

Of course the parade was canceled in 2020 and although there have been some smaller events in subsequent years (I think), this year is (I think) the first year it has returned in full force. We did not attend this year. The GG was down in O-haaaa-o for the eclipse and it wasn’t really on my radar screen. I have not fully regained my ability to tolerate large crowds, indoor or out. I never have been all that crazy about crowds, although maybe a bit more so in my mis-spent youth. Friendly introvert here. Need an easily accessible freak-out chamber.

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