Camping on the beach…

…or not. Why not? Because c-c-c-c-old and windy. It’s okay, he’s parked behind the moomingarage. The Betty Mobile having been moved since the last time the GG graced the moomin with his presence.

We are happy to let the Grinchie park there when we’re not around but it became evident that the GG would need a sheltered place to park for tonight and behind the garage is it. So we’re lucky the Betty Mobile was not there because it can be a challenge to get hold of the Grinch at any random time.

The Lyme Lounge does have heat (and a CO alarm🤣). The last couple winters the GG was doing a lot of winter hiking and camping and he has managed to insulate it quite a bit. Between that and various sleeping bags and blankets and things he should be fine. He probably won’t even need to go inside the moomincabin to grab some of the NUMEROUS blankets and comforters there. When you live on the shores of Gitchee Gumee, even if you are there mostly in the summer, you have blankets!

At the end of today I took a Brain Break and drove Cygnus out into the county a bit, mainly to the north in the area of the country mouse. Wouldn’t you know, the taaaaar light came on. In Cygnus, the little tire icon doesn’t just come on. A big yellow message lights up the dashboard. Alarming as this is, I kept cool. Often this means a change in temperature or whatever is behind the issue, especially when you have tires that are still pretty damn new.

Still. Cygnus has a dash display that shows all four tires and what pressure they are at. Could I get to that screen? No I could not. At least not while driving. I made it home successfully, then sat in my driveway for a few minutes and figured out how to get that display on. I also opened my Subie phone app, which tells me all about my tires..

I think it’s probably not a leak but I will be keeping an eye on it now that I have the display front and center.

My beloved Ninja (2008 Honda Civic SI) was the first car we owned that had a tire light. The first time it went on I was like what the heck is that little yellow symbol. And. This is a brand new car! Those tires were always sensitive and that light came on umpteen bazillion times while I owned it. I got kinda cavalier about it because it was always temperature sensitivity or whatever. Until. It went on one day on my way to Cubelandia. Oh la-di-dah, I thought. I made it there just fine but when I went out to the parking lot after work a tire was totally flat.

Another memory just came to mind. Radical Betty was talking about a time she and The Commander were going to take my granddaddy’s car (RB’s dad, The Comm’s father-in-law) out on some kind of junket. I think this was when they were young married women but didn’t have children yet. Before lending them his car, my granddaddy carefully demonstrated how to change a tire. And wouldn’t you know, according to Radical Betty, they had to change a tire during their outing. No Triple A in those days. I’ve always guessed that granddaddy knew there was a bad tire before they left. No tire lights in those days.

2 Responses to “Camping on the beach…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My tire sensor (looks like a horseshoe) often goes off when I have my winter tires switched on or off. When the Les Schwab guys don’t listen to me!

  2. Pooh Says:

    I didn’t look closely at the beach picture yesterday, but today I noticed that the parallel logs look like a shipwreck reappearing from the sand. EERY thoughts on Lake Superior. (or close enough)