Lost and found

My daughter gave me this little painting for xmas a few years ago during covid. It took us FOREVER to get it framed, dodging various waves of covid, etc. and then just forgetfulness.

We finally took it over to the frame shop in February and made our choices, including “museum quality glass”, not that you care. Just that we were mindful about this and had paid a decent amount of money… I told them I wasn’t in a rush for it to be done… A couple weeks ago I was kinda wondering why we hadn’t heard about it. I figgered I had probably not noticed a call from them because I have my phone set to ignore all calls that aren’t in my contacts.

Finally today I LOOKED at the receipt. The order was in my daughter’s name and had her phone number on it. She checked her phone history and yes, she had a number that could have been the frame shop. She ignored it because she was being spammed by 734 numbers in general. Anyway, I schlepped over there today and yes they had it and I apologized for the phone confusion.

I love how it turned out.

The frame shop parking lot is essentially the Plum Market parking lot. It was the second time I drove over there today. This time my driver’s side front taaaar pressure was 26, not 25.

The *first* time I drove over there today, I went into the Plum and humbly beseeched my mouse to come over after work and put a wee bit of air in my taaar (I bought grocks too). 33 is recommended for my front taars. My mouse is a wizard at dealing with car maintenance and she managed it with aplomb. I really need to do this kind of thing myself but I don’t think the analog device she was using would work for me. “Moom, I remember this thing from when I was a kid.” So we have plans for me to buy a MODERN tire pump and for her to teach me how to use it. Sorry but I don’t do well with man-splainin’.

One Response to “Lost and found”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That turned out very well! I lose track of things unless the business calls me. What seems like a week or so turns into a month or more. I don’t know how to do anything with my car!