Are we having fun yet?

Here we go again. This time it was 4:00 AM. I woke up and noticed the GG was wandering the Landfill. *What* are you doing? Unintelligible answer. Okay, I’ll go back to sleep.

Except. Chirp-chirp. And then a bit later… Chirp-chirp. Y’all know where this is going right? 4:00 AM is too early for birds. After a little bit I figured out that it was probably about a 30-second interval between chirp-chirps so I pulled up my iPhone clock app and started the stopwatch. Yup. 30 seconds on the dot. Definitely not a bird.

This was a fainter chirp-chirp than the one I heard last week and it took me a FULL 10 MINUTES to get the GG to hear it at all although I later realized it was probably what woke him up. “I thought I heard something outside.” Nope. It was the smoke/CO alarm in the dungeon. A half hour or so later, he had it disconnected and the battery out of it (it’s also wired to the lucky-shuckial system). By that time there WAS bird song outside.

So I continued my campaign for “smart” alarms and I actually sorta won! Yay! We installed one Nest alarm this afternoon and another will be delivered tomorrow. We have 3-4 other smoke (only I think) alarms but they are all on the same “system” and I *think* our Nest alarms are “motherships” so hopefully we’re good.

As much as I like the idea of running household devices via phone apps, I remain a bit skeptical. My dryer has an app (to notify me when it’s done because it’s in the dungeon) but it works sporadically. Roooomba has an app but lately it has occasional trouble connecting to wifi, after MONTHS of no problems. Cygnus has an app and it works pretty well. I mainly use it for locking and remote start. But it is still telling me my left front taaaar has an issue even though it is now well within range. So we’ll see how this one works.

I have hopes though. My entire life I have HATED sudden loud noises. I was TERRIFIED of balloons as a small child. If something is going to wake me up by shrieking at me, there better be a REAL reason. Not just “I’m low on battery” or “It’s time to replace me” (which WAS the issue).

Twitter play

The GG (in the middle of the night): I don’t understand why they always go off in the middle of the night.
Kayak Woman (banging head against wall): Because they are too “stupid” to know it’s the middle of the night.

I mean, theoretically, if there is ever an issue while we are out of town, I will be notified and can call the faaaar department from afar.

Hopefully this is the last time I will post about this issue for a while. Fingers crossed.

2 Responses to “Are we having fun yet?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the chirping because I can never go back to sleep; I wait for the next chirp. I think they go off in the middle of the night because it’s colder. For some reason, the batteries don’t like that.

  2. Pooh Says:

    My first glance at the picture whispered “hummingbird feeder”. What kind of flowers are those, azaleas?