The pic is to show that the flowers I posted yesterday are not large. I’m not sure what kind of bush this is but in a very short window of time, it blooms and at a certain time of day, it casts a pretty shadow on the She-Shed. I didn’t catch this today even though it was very sunny. This is from a couple years ago.

Our pottery daughter and her guild had a show this evening. I wanted to go but in the end I didn’t. Tomorrow is the annual spring Umich football game and I knew it would be a mess downtown, especially in the area of the Potter’s Guild. So I sent the GG (npJane also attended) and chilled out here making salmon piccata for dinner.

I continue to struggle to explain my position on “Christianity” and its current place in American politics. Again. I am NOT religious. I did have a religious upbringing and I learned about Jesus, who I believe is a mythological figure of sorts. What I learned has nothing to do with the politicians who are invoking him nowadays. Whether or not you believe in Jesus and/or participate in a Christian religion, Jesus’s “teachings” on love and kindness for people in less than fortunate circumstances have nothing to do with our current political culture. Again, our country was founded on a principle of separation of church and state. Let’s keep it that way but let’s also follow Jesus’s teachings on caring for others whether or not we participate in a Christian religion. I do not. Sorry but it was a rough zoom night for me tonight.

One Response to “Aarrrghhh”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rough zoom night? Hope it wasn’t a totally frustrating experience. I agree with you on the so-called Christianity especially the twisted version that so many practice now.