Boy toyz

Apparently today was the day. What day? The day to pull everything outta the She Shed, CLEAN the She Shed, and put it all back in. Hopefully SOME items got put in the trash or set aside for recycle or donation. I stayed outta that particular fray.

The She Shed is not that old (shortly pre-covid). She is deeee-luxe and even has lucky-shucky. And a back door and windows with screens. It’s almost like being in a small cabin. She replaced a crappy old tin shed that, when we bought this place, the previous owner told he used to catch elementary school boys P-ing off the roof into the woods. Those guys are probably politicians now🤣 A tree fell on that shed and we knew it was time.

It was a perfect day for this. You can see how sunny it was but it wasn’t all that warm, so a good day for working outside.

I worked inside, cleaning up what dishes were left from last night and prepping food for tonight. If I were following Fly Lady to the letter, I would not be leaving any dishes undone before I retire for the night. But I ran out of real estate last night. I mean, everything that goes in the dishwasher WENT in the dishwasher but things that drip dry require a few rounds. I don’t usually dry dishes with a towel, also there were a few beer cans and I always let them drip dry. I have a lot more of the kind of energy doing dishes requires in the morning so I made pretty short work of what was left.

BTW, Fly Lady is AWESOME!!! You couldn’t call The Landfill a hoarder house but Fly Lady helped me out majorly a number of years ago when I was struggling a bit with clutter control. Her strategies involve breaking things up into small manageble tasks and ultimately I got the place under control enough that I didn’t really have to follow the rules to the letter because I never really get too far behind any more. (Disclaimer: I never really have gotten behind on things like dishes and laundry and cleaning the bathroom.) As my old boss the LSCHP aka The Benevolent Despot would often say about a HUGE renovation project that took us 15 years, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Or maybe it was “byte” given the industry I work for🤣

P.S. Fly Lady has an iPhone app now! I may have to check that out! Cheers to Fly Lady and cheers to y’all.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I always feel better with less clutter. However, it’s been a long time since I vacuumed which I’m now feeling guilty about. Mari is the one who should feel guilty!