Have I stepped in it?

Oh probably not.

A quilter I follow on Instagram has been doing some interesting work incorporating words into his art. I have always been interested in using words in my small history as an amateur fiber artist working in quilt-type media. Usually what I have done is pencil words on the backing in cursive, then trace s-l-o-w-y along the lines with my sewing musheen. This guy cuts out big printed letters and tacks them down by hand or musheen or whatever. He probably uses a musheen, then uses slow-stitching to hand embroider various stitches over the finished product.

I love love love this guy’s work but I don’t think I could ever emulate it. It is too irregular for my brain. When I was a little kid, The Commander used to “complain” that I “put everything into little boxes”. I have a kind of idea about what she meant but not totally sure and I’m not really sure what’s wrong with putting things into boxes anyway. It *does* allow me to separate issues, which well, I won’t talk about work today (it wasn’t bad) but sometimes this innate “thing” came in handy when reining in people who were wandering off “scope”. But still. Never was sure exactly what my moom was talking about.

Anyway, this guy was using jungle aminal fabrics in his latest works and I found myself googling jungle aminal fabric and ended up with a bunch of fat quarters. Okay, I bought fat quarters. Now I have to wash and iron them. Problem? Complicated problem actually. I have an ironing board and an iron in the Landfill Dungeon. 1) I HATE the Landfill Dungeon. Dark, fugly, and cluttered. 2) I do NOT want the ironing board to live upstairs. So… I looked around online and found (voila) this loverly ironing cloth. I put it atop my quartz countertop and it did the job. I spent about a split second thinking about a new iron, cordless maybe? But my old, lightly used Rowenta worked like a charm. I think I’ll keep her.

What am I gonna do with this fabric? I do not know… Add it to my stash for now.

P.S. For those who are not “sewists” (which I think is a better word than “sewer”), if you are talking about making things outta fabric, a “fat quarter” is a quarter yard of fabric cut such that instead cutting a yard of fabric into four long skinny strips, the yard is cut lengthwise and crosswise into four. If that explanation doesn’t make sense (and you are interested enough), google it🐲

2 Responses to “Have I stepped in it?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have an iron and a board somewhere in the garage, but haven’t ironed in years, perhaps decades. That cloth is an excellent idea. Did your mom mean that you were/are able to compartmentalize? That would be a compliment, in my opinion!

  2. Paulette Says:

    Yay! Your quilt work was wonderful. So happy that you are engaging again.