This afternoon at the end of a somewhat stressful weekend, oh just for stupid marital reasons🐽, I decided I needed to get out of my neighborhood and into the country. It doesn’t take long to get into the country here if you go in the right direction and pick the right roads. You might see some MAGA signs (although NOTICEABLY fewer this year than in previous election years) but there are also plenty of BLM and rainbow signs. Take your pic. If you know me, you know what I pick.

So I drove around the back roads in the country mouse’s neighborhood. There were potholes galore and some of them had muddy water in them so Cygnus is all dirty again. I could avoid some of them but not all and then there were some BFT’s (Big F*ckin’ Twucks) that occasionally passed me going the other who were NOT avoiding them. Clunkity clunk c-clunk. So the GG is gonna prob’ly grump about that even though he has driven me through some of the worst roads on earth with water holes up to the running boards or whatever they are.

I was about to turn on to one road and there was a BEAR down there. A bear? I knew it wasn’t a bear because we don’t have bears in SE Michigan. Well, there was the Dexter Bare Bear a few years ago but sightings were never confirmed and the local on-line newspaper never corrected “bare” to “bear”. There is a difference.

So I knew it wasn’t a bear. Could a cow have gotten loose? I don’t usually see many cows around that area but who knows. I approached this aminal s-l-o-w-l-y. It turned out to be a HUGE and VERY SHAGGY dog. I wanted a pic but I couldn’t figger a way to get one. This character looked really friendly but I’m not stupid enough to get out of my car to approach an unknown dog, especially a big one. I will say that the few occasions I have accidentally killed an animal (rabbit, squirrel) have never left me. Unavoidable both times but I am not comfortable with taking another creature’s life. Except for food but that would be a topic for another day.

It’s a beautiful evening here on The Planet Ann Arbor and I haven’t seen the customer in the pic for a while. If he/she gets a chance he/she ends up in my lap for a few minutes. Not today. Today, this character got distracted by all of the bird song in my yard and spent about 10 minutes listening, not moving. Don’t worry, I don’t think any birds were harmed.

One Response to “Animalia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not scared of big dogs but I give strange ones a wide berth. I do like kitties although they can scratch and bite. However, they can’t lock their jaws around your neck like some dogs.