Regaining calmness

Very few words were spoken at The Landfill this weekend but I could just about cut the atmosphere of tension with a knife. No it was NOT a marital fight. There was no fight at all. It was the GG in packing mode for his Ireland trip with our daughter and me trying my darndest to STAY OUTTA THE FRAY! But I was a nervous wreck suppressing all that negative energy.

They are there for 10 days and they didn’t check any bags (I wouldn’t have either). Our daughter came over Saturday afternoon while he was still packing and “steered” some questionable items out of his luggage (in her poised, calm, graceful way). Nothing dangerous, mind you. A phone charging cable that doesn’t fit the outlets in Ireland (so why take it) for one. And then there were a couple of weird handmade items that, while totally harmless, might raise alarms with the TSA, like what the hell is this? Whatever you think about the TSA, they are people doing a job and they inspect umpteen bazillion people every day (at least at Dee-troit Metro) and I can understand why they don’t have a robust sense of humor when they encounter weird things. I’m sure they have great stories to tell when they are off work. (Like the time FlaMan was flying back to Fla from a trip to Hoton Lake with the Beautiful Suzie (his late sister) and they x-rayed his checked luggage and found big round objects. Bombs? Nope. Houghton Lake rocks.)

At one point yesterday, the GG was heading toward the front door with his birthday “microbes” (tick and Lyme Disease microbe). He asked, “Should I take these to Ireland?” No no no no no. Why do you want to load up your carry-on baggage with stuffed aminals? They belong in the Lyme Lounge here in the Great Lake State anyway. We do NOT want to introduce Lyme Disease to Ireland🤣 He apparently did put those entities in the Lyme Lounge (where they belong) but after I dropped the travelers off, I got this pic of Stowaway and Tagalong, who obviously stowed away and tagged along. I hope they don’t get lost in Ireland.

So everyone got safely to Ireland and I was able to relax and get a lot of work done today. I made a more or less unnecessary trip to the Plum this morning largely to hang out with our other daughter for a few minutes.

P.S. I HAVE been known to take Froooggy on a plane trip in my carry-on luggage. We went to SanFran to visit Liz when she lived there. We stayed in a gorgeous Victorian bed-and-breakfast a few blocks from her place in the Mission District. The proprietor LOVED Froooggy and his cleaning staff enjoyed positioning him in various places.

2 Responses to “Regaining calmness”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not a stuffed animal fan but I would love to take Mari along. She wouldn’t enjoy being in my carry on though. LOL I hope the two of them have an excellent time in Ireland! I want to go there too.

  2. le Marquis Says:

    Show some green!