Is Himself behaving himself?

I didn’t actually ask but I got a text that said he apparently is, more or less.

Himself called me today. I was kinda like whut but it was just to say hi. This kind of gobsmacked me though. Because I’m not sure how international calls work with the iPhone in this era but… Uh. He just. Called me. I remember when my kids were doing study abroad. We didn’t call often at all, don’t get me wrong. Email was much more reliable.

When I once called Lizard Breath (in Spain), it took me a few tries to figure it out. I still had a flip phone at the time (2004-5) and I think she was using a phone her host mom kept for students. But email worked the best. I was taking web design/dev classes at the community college at that time and I would arrive early in the morning an hour before my first class to chill out in the library, slugging along doing young actors guild business and reading emails from my kid in Spain. And once from a friend of Ray Bradbury (yes that Ray Bradbury) and it was not spam and I almost fell outta my chair.

Dakar (second beach urchin) was a bit different. We called ONCE. It was xmas day and we arranged (with her) a call. We managed to get to her and we talked for 47 minutes. Guess how much it cost? $470.00. Yes. I’m trying to remember if we tried to protest this. If we did, we gave up quickly. That amount of money did not break the bank and it was well worth it to talk to our far away daughter. Her host family was Christian (Catholic I think) so they celebrated the holiday but I don’t think in the big way Americans do. Which is certainly fine for us secular American Christians.

But now here in 2024 it seems like we can just call internationally on our iPhones without a problem. Of course, Ireland is not Senegal. I don’t really understand phone charges any more but if we do get some kind of charge, I doubt it will break the bank.

Himself is at Guinness. Because they arrived much earlier on Monday than their hotel room was available, Lizard Breath had scheduled a Guinness tour. The pic is apparently taken via a reflective surface so the sign is backwards. I can read English words both backwards and upside down🤣

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know how international phone calls work either. (cost wise) I’ve mostly stuck to WhatsApp and Skype when the travelers had internet. Facebook Messenger worked way better for us than email. I also bought phone cards and they sometimes worked well. There were about 20 numbers to put in though. Ashley had a Senegalese sim card in her iPhone so her number was different.