Home safe

It was a nitzy kind of day because I didn’t really know flight schedules, therefore didn’t know when people would arrive home from Ireland. Adding to my anxiety was the threat of severe storms at some unknown point during the day.

My mouse ended up picking up the travelers and they did not have a difficult drive home at the time although we are now hearing thunder. I had eggplant parm ready to serve by the time everyone got here. All six of us.

So the Master Of The Universe is now home and available to deal with rodent control and dead smoke/CO alarm batteries.

What I did NOT blahg about was Saturday night. It was 10:20 or so and I was soooo ready to chill out. But then… Chirp chirp chirp. F*cking goddamn. We just replaced all of our old alarms with Nest smart alarms. So what the bloody hell? I spent 20 minutes or so trying to figger where the chirping was coming from. I checked my Nest app. Everything was all right. I stood under every single blasted alarm to figger if it was making the noise. Eventually I determined that the chirping was coming from an alarm that the GG had unplugged and placed by the front door to be recycled or whatever. Problem? He did not remove the battery. So it died and the chirping began. Eventually I figured out how to remove the battery and EVENTUALLY I managed to get to sleep. Man do I hate those f*cking alarms.

One Response to “Home safe”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I hate the chirping too! It drives me insane, especially because it’s so difficult to locate where it’s coming from. It echoes! Glad the travelers are home safe.