Oh, not the pic. Since I didn’t get any pics today, I’m still running photos from Ireland that my beach urchin put in a shared album for me.

I didn’t get any pics today because I didn’t exactly wake up on time and was pretty grumpy when I did. I mean it wasn’t that late or anything but I had planned to go get grocks this morning and bagged it because I was too “tired” but probably grumpy is a better word. You’d think I had experienced a 5-hour time zone change although traveling westward is usually easier on wake-up time.

Anyway, the GG gets sooooo excited about stuff like this. The first day they were in Ireland, he texted us (including our niece Pengo) with something like, “Let’s move to Dublin!”. I retorted, “By the end of the trip you will want to be home and you will be missing the North Country Trail.” BTW: I would never blahg any details of Pengo’s life, not that I know a lot of them, but she travels to much more exotic places than Ireland – all the time. But she is a beloved member of our family and we include her when it seems appropriate, meaning we are careful not to spam her with whatever trivial crapola is going on. (I doubt she reads this blahg of blather, at least not frequently.)

What did the GG do today? Various things including spending a few HOURS trying to fix The Chirper (dead smoke alarm). I figured this out when it started chirping this morning 😵‍💫 How can it do that when I removed the battery? Because he put a NEW battery in it of course. Did he hear it chirp? No he did not. He didn’t want to give up on it and expressed frustration that he couldn’t just put a new battery in it and make it magically work again. The reasons for that are (I’m sure) too complicated for this post but at the end of it all, The Chirper is now residing un-batteried by the front door with the ones we replaced with Nest alarms, waiting to be taken to toxic waste recycling or whatever.

And speaking of missing the North Country Trail, by the end of the afternoon, he had written and posted an email to our chapter this afternoon detailing the upcoming events, sneaking in a couple photos of Ireland.

And so it goes…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Putting new batteries in several of my expired detectors didn’t work either because the wiring had gone bad. So, I have newish 10 year ones and they better not chirp!