Lighthouse legs

I don’t have a lot to say tonight but want to put something out there so various people know I’m alive.

Life at the Landfill? The GG spent a lot of time dispatching garlic mustard and other weeds and now his hands hurt. It isn’t a terminal condition but still. Personally I would like to pay someone else to do that kind of crapola. I have done my share of weeding and I DO NOT enjoy it. Especially when I get laced with poison ivy. I like the IDEA of gardening but I don’t actually enjoy DOING it AT ALL and have never been successful at it. So why should I do it? I’m good at a lot of other things that I DO enjoy. Can I please just stick to those things? I even get paid for one of them…

What I really want to do is hire an expert to consult with us about what native plants would do well in our yard given that we are horrible gardeners and are also not around a lot of the summer. I don’t really have agreement on this. Sigh.

I don’t think this is a lighthouse, more likely the staircase to a turret in a castle somewhere in Ireland. But something about climbing the spiral staircase in the Iroquois Lighthouse up on Whitefish Bay always makes my legs feel funny for a couple days. So I could relate.

One Response to “Lighthouse legs”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I enjoy mowing and love planting flowers, even though they do require watering, but I HATE weeding! Once I do it, I use Preen to avoid having a bunch come back.