Woomba woomba woomba woomba

I canNOT take credit for this pic. The country mouse took it out at her place in the, uh, country. I was aware that we might get an aurora so I immediately ran outside and headed over to the schoolyard.

And. Nothing. It wasn’t cloudy. The waxing crescent moon was brilliant. But there was no aurora visible. The country mouse is only 6-7 miles to the north so I dunno why the northern lights stood us up here on The Planet Ann Arbor. Yes we are in the city so there’s more light but I’m not sure that was the issue because other astronomical objects were visible, even to the naked eye.

We get the northern lights on the moominbeach occasionally. It is way north of here and our skies are pretty dark when the steel mill seven miles or so down the river isn’t lighting them up throwing slag or whatever it is they do. Usually up there, the aurora appears as a green kind of curtain-looking thing.

I have once before seen a light show like the one my mouse captured last night and it was down here on the planet. I was driving my old POC to Metro to pick up the GG. The sky lit up just about like this and the lights were dancing all over the place. It took me a few minutes to process that it was actually the northern lights. I had never heard of them showing up as far “south” as Detroit. I didn’t get a pic then either. No iPhone in those days.

Anyway asking mouse’s forgiveness for posting her pic without asking permission. Of course I’ve been posting her sister’s Ireland pics without permission for the last couple weeks 🐽

P. S. As it turns out a lot of people saw the lights in the city and they had probably faded by the time I got outside.

One Response to “Woomba woomba woomba woomba”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m sure it was a timing issue. Were you looking through your iPhone? That’s the way I saw the aurora. We were possibly supposed to see it again last night; John and I stayed out on the deck until 11:30 or so and nothing. The cat got me up about 4 so I went outside with my cell phone and looked. Still nothing.