Flowers and candy

I was out bright and early (as usual) to get the few remaining grocks I needed to help put a family dinner together. You know the occasion. The Plum was already loaded with people, mostly dads and little kids laden with flowers, etc.

I don’t need gifts for this greeting card holiday (although I don’t think it actually *is* a greeting card holiday). I did get flowers albeit in the form of impatiens to pot. I get those every year. This year, the GG got on a roll. He not only bought a TON of them, duplicating a beach urchin’s effort, he potted them himself. I am happy about that but had to redirect him a bit. The extra plants will go to the moomincabin in a couple days. I hope they survive.

Although I always love the flowers. my fave “gift” this year was help sorting out the massive mess of moomincabin sheets and pillowcases that I brought down here last fall. Waaaaay too many. I washed EVERYTHING last fall. Then I tried to sort them out. Although there were a few complete sheet sets, there were also MANY incomplete ones and about a bazillion random pillowcases. The Commander used to have all this stuff sorted out but in her last few years things got a little crazy and I had too much on my plate to be of much help.

So now we have five or six complete sets of sheets to take north this week (the GG will, I won’t join him for a bit). We definitely kept the “sleeeeeeeep” sheets. We are all fond of those. Heirloom hand crocheted or embroidered pillowcases will be kept and maybe repurposed. At least one of the beach urchins snagged a sheet set or two for her own house. And I will recycle the rest. So glad to have that stuff mostly off my radar screen. I basically have ONE set of sheets (for the “master” bedroom) here at The Landfill. I wash them more or less weekly and put them back on the bed. Of course I have my own laundry facilities at The Landfill and don’t have to take them to the laundromat.

As I always say, every day is mother’s day but today was a good excuse to get together and we had fun and so g’night.

One Response to “Flowers and candy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yep, every day is Mother’s Day for those of us who are mothers. (or daughters) I have too many sheets although I swap them out depending on the temperature: from the ultra fuzzy flannels to the sleek microfiber.