Leggo my eggo

When the GG shoved this pic in front of my face yesterday, I had trouble processing it. Three of the eggs are not *exactly* close to robin egg color but somewhat close? Or naw. Our robin eggs are dark teal. That big speckly one? What the bloody hell is that?

Turns out a house finch (we *think*) has nested on top of an old robin nest and is apparently incubating three eggs of its own plus a cowbird egg.

We do have a robin nest “around the corner” (of our back yard) but those birdies hatched a while back and he was unable to get a good pic of them without disturbing the robin parents. Just to be clear, he waits until the parents are momentarily off gathering food and uses a selfie stick to get pics.

In his heart of hearts, The GG doesn’t want us (me) to use the back yard during bird nesting season. I get it but I also think that this is an urban/suburban environment where humans and birds need to coexist. And we do. While the GG was taking a nap this afternoon, I snuck around the back of The Landfill to hang out a few feet away from the finch nest. When he woke up, he came out and was surprised to find the bird on its nest with me in the yard. Well. I am QUIET! I probably scared the heck out of the bird when I came around the corner (I did not notice) but once I sat still for a bit, it had no problem returning, even with meeee in the yard. I am not a threat. I am not a raptor.

We welcome all bird parents, even cowbirds. But we live here too.

It’s pollen season and the GG was complaining about that (maybe that’s why he was coughing last night?) even though it doesn’t seem to be dragging him down at all. I am NOT affected in any way shape or form by pollen. I am NOT allergic to pretty much anything. That said, as soon as I told him that, I had a blasted sneezing fit. But it was a *dry* sneezing fit, one of those random ones that a lot of people get every day or once in a while or whatever. It went away and I haven’t sneezed in a couple hours, pollen or not.

One Response to “Leggo my eggo”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m thankful for no allergies since my mom and brother have them. Miserable at certain times of the year!