And so it begins

Another summer at the moomincabin, that is.

I thought the GG was gonna stay with the UU and TBG in Gaylord tonight but apparently he drove all the way up to the yooperland and look at the moomincabin all opened up! Storm windows taken down and deck chairs out already. And a ladder…

Usually by Memorial Day we still have a couple of small snow piles in the surrounding woods. This is waaaay before Memorial Day (but it’s coming up quick) and I’m not even gonna ask if there are any snow piles. I’m pretty sure there aren’t any this year. A couple years ago I drove up a couple days before Memorial Weekend and it was 54 degrees and SLEETING when I got there.

Part of me wants to be up there with him but he is taking off to hike with the Softies this week. The Softies are a group of women who enjoy hiking but like to have a “guy” with them. I don’t blame them. And I mean a non-creepy type guy that they aren’t afraid will try to enter their sleeping bags at night (although I think the Softies stay in hotels).

The GG is a woman-friendly kinda guy. In the first place, he grew up with five brothers (one an identical twin) and four sisters and has two daughters. He “gets” women more than most guys do. Although he doesn’t always “get” meeeeee or my political views. But he also doesn’t try to tell me what to do or who to vote for. After 40-some years that’s where you kind of get to.

One Response to “And so it begins”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My husband was the same way; he was used to females and not creepy. We didn’t share the same political views and sometimes that got heated but we learned to stay off certain topics.