Bizcaz for the pandemic era

this morning, the Plum U-scan cashier noted that my reusable plastic grock bag matched my shirt. Tie-dye, that is. When I do my early morning shopping at whatever grock store, I sometimes wonder if the people that work there realize that I am actually gainfully employed, given what I’m wearing. Especially in the summer. My clothing is a bit more sedate when it’s colder out.

I finished “The Ministry of Time” and then a random goodreads comment led me into a rabbit hole that it might be plagiarized from a Spanish show? I dunno. I have spent almost zero time on this, rabbit hole that it is, but I’m not sure that’s true. I dunno if I will explore this any more or not but the woman who wrote the book I read writes very well and I’m not sure the Spanish series is based on a book at all (but I could be wrong). My brain is exploding a bit about this.

There is apparently a BBC series in the works for the book that I read. I will be watching for that. Currently I am still watching Riverdale but not sure how long that will last. I was curious to know what someone would do with the Archie comic books I read as a kid (when I could get my hands on them). I hated Veronica and loved Betty (she is blonde like me) but in the series, they are not all that black and white. And a lot of other stuff happens that wouldn’t have happened in the comic book but it wouldn’t be interesting if you stuck to the flat tropes in the comic. In particular, I do NOT like how a lot of the adults behave in the series…

I was occasionally allowed to buy comic books as a kid but not often (unless I spent my own money). I don’t think my mother regarded them as “literature”. My own view as an adult is that if a kid is reading ANYTHING, it’s a good thing. Although I did steer the beach urchins toward “literature”. I read Superman comics (over and over and over) at my cousins’ house and maybe that’s where I read Archie comics too. Over and over and over again. No matter how many times I read them, Archie always ended up with “snotty” Veronica instead of blonde Betty.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I loved comic books as a kid; I remember my dad’s dad giving me a quarter walk down the hill to the drugstore in Roslyn (think Northern Exposure) to buy two of them. I was a big Superman fan!