Carolina cicada

I am hearing Carolina Wrens here in the Landfill backyard. I don’t know what they look like but I know their song, thanks to the Merlin bird app. Operatic. I dunno what kind of cicada this is but the pic was taken in South Carolina by my mouse, who traveled there for a long weekend and I’m stealing it. I have not seen cicadas here.

I got a sorta second mother’s day today. My City Mouse and I made a plan to have lunch at HOMES Brewery today. I said, “I think I want to go to the hardware store too.” I felt a bit of surprise at that, so as I was turning Cygnus in to the hardware store, I said something like, “Y’know, I HAVE gone to the hardware store since covid.” (Which she knows.)

In the end the things I was thinking the hardware store might have weren’t there, at least not in the colors/form factor I wanted them in. My beach urchin had much better luck finding things so the trip was a success overall. It was CROWDED though and I waited in a long line (I’m not used to that these days) until they finally opened up a few other checkout stations. Because I had sussed the line situation, I grabbed the beach urchin’s stud finder, got in line and paid for it while she was looking at other things. As I was finishing that transaction, I spied her in line behind me with the other things. I signaled that I was going out to Cygnus and she followed me a few minutes later.

Given how crowded the hardware store was, I was a bit nervous about how crowded HOMES might be. As it turned out, there was hardly anyone in their small parking lot and almost NO ONE inside. Of course, HOMES opens at 11 AM on Sunday and we got there before noon. We had a lovely lunch with almost NO other patrons but I’m gonna guess that an hour or two later, the place was slammed.

Our Carolina travelers landed safely at Metro this afternoon. It was HOT when they landed, which I don’t think they expected but a little later, after they got to their house, a lovely little thunderstorm rolled through and we are all a little cooler now.

2 Responses to “Carolina cicada”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Apparently we had a little thunderstorm here too although I didn’t hear it. I love going to breweries, but I like to go later so I can have a beer.

  2. Pooh Says:

    Carolina Wrens have a brown back and a yellow breast. Not a super-bright yellow, but a little darker than butter, maybe. Also a thin beak and a turned up tail, like most wrens. If you have Merlin, you can also download Ebird which coordinates with Merlin.