Lightning and books

We got a lot of lightning last evening punctuated by a couple of thunder claps at the very end. But not a whole lot of rain. The storm hung out to the west of us and I saw puddles when I traversed the back roads out in the county today. Fortunately we are not desperate for rain. The first pic is sans lightning, the second, I managed to catch the sky lit up. Can’t really see much of the sky because our neighborhood “forest” is in pretty much full-tilt boogie summer foliage mode.

So books. A beach urchin is on an expotition and has run oot of boooook… So I spammed her with some books.

I am a little more than halfway through “The Ministry of Time” and I am loving it. A new sci-fi novel (published in early May) involving time travel and a good amount of British humor. Oh, and one of the characters plays the flute!

“Limberlost” is a coming of age story set in Tasmania (I think I figured this out, many geographical places had fictional names, which is okay with me). The title was nagging at me a bit because I have read “A Girl of the Limberlost” by Gene Stratton Porter. I may be mangling my family’s history (and hopefully someone will correct me if I am) but I believe it was a fave of my paternal grandmother and she named her last daughter Gene. (Grandma was certainly literate but I don’t really remember her reading much besides the Sault Ste. Siberia high school honor roll and other tidbits in the local newspaper.) I almost lost my point here. My point is that the book family’s “Limberlost” orchard was named after Gene Stratton Porter’s book. Which was NOT set in Tasmania. (And I might have to re-read the Gene Stratton Porter book…)

“The Other Valley”. Definitely sci-fi or maybe fantasy. Speculative fiction? I’m not sure but I loved this book.

“Clear”. A story about the highland clearances which happened in the 17-1800s. I am NOT fluent with this history but I enjoyed this book and how the “clearance” of the sole occupant of a Scottish island didn’t turn out exactly as planned. I have read another book by this author (“West”). It was set in North America in the pioneer days. I enjoyed both of these books.

I have written about “I Cheerfully Refuse” recently but it came to mind today because it is about our family’s “home” lake. Near future dystopia set on Lake Superior. I mean ON the lake, at least a lot of the time. I have never been to Michipicoten Island. Have you?

A book I read a few years ago, “Piranesi”, kept popping into my head today as I was reading “The Ministry of Time”. I LOVED Piranesi. I *think* I am gonna love Ministry as much although I am only halfway through. What’s weird is that these two books are nothing alike. But there is some sort of “vibe” that’s connecting them in my brain.

2 Responses to “Lightning and books”

  1. Jay Says:

    You got the Gene connection correct, although it is her middle name.
    Another sister sent us a video of the Girl of the Limberlost. Either from that or the book we found that the author’s full name was Geneva, which was the middle name we gave our daughter. Circular

  2. Margaret Says:

    I loved “Virgil Wander” also by Leif Enger; I’m intrigued by “I Cheerfully Refuse” although it sounds so different from his other works.