Greetings from the Mosquito Coast

Here is the GG sporting the latest fashion here on the “third coast”, which could also be called the Mosquito Coast, at least this year.

Foliage is advanced this year. The last umpteen years when we have arrived for Memorial Day weekend, the trees were just beginning to sprout leaves and mosquitos were pretty much non-existent. Not this year, oh boy oh boy! Plus there is lots of standing water in the swamp. So mosquitos are everywhere. They are getting into the moomincabin and swarming the screen in the moominkitchen window. I find myself “praying” for another nor’wester so I can bundle up and hang out on the beach undisturbed.

The GG is in mosquito heaven right now. He is sitting on the deck, drinking a ‘hattan, smoking a ceegar (and spitting, TMI?), and zapping mosquitos with his lucky-shuckial zapper. I don’t generally like to kill insects/arachnids as long as they are not in a place they shouldn’t be (like my shower) and/or are minding their own business. I have no problem killing mosquitos.

The “third coast” is the great lakes shoreline, American side if I have it right (and I may not, it was a rabbit hole I didn’t wanna go down today). I’m not sure how the distance compares to the east and/or west coasts but there is quite a lot of shoreline on the great lakes.

Mosquito Coast is a book and TV series I read/watched. I liked the book better than the series although the series was fine. The book author is an acclaimed travel writer and I think this might be his only novel. The mosquito coast in the book/series is NOT anywhere near the great lakes.

G’night and zap zap zappity zap, KW

2 Responses to “Greetings from the Mosquito Coast”

  1. le Marquis Says:

    For us the Great Lakes will be our fourth coast, but that is just matter of when we will get to it.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I do so hate mosquitoes!