Coffee Boy and QOFE mug

Since covid started and I became a full-time forever telecommuter, the GG has taken on a new persona, that of Coffee Boy. In the early, scary days, he started making me coffee every morning. Prior to that, I schlepped over to Cubelandia without coffee. I occasionally grabbed a cup from the office kitchen but usually not.

This Coffee Boy thing got to be such a habit that I don’t usually make my own coffee when the GG is not around. Here we are at the moominbeach and he makes coffee every morning. And he chooses a mug for me.

Imagine my surprise Saturday morning (our first morning here together) when he approached me with a *black* mug. I was like, “Where the heck is Big Ass?” Because that’s usually the mug he hands me and it is white.

My dad began collecting mugs in his retirement when the parents traveled around the American/Canadian west so he got this one from the Columbia Icefield and named it “Big Ass”, which I think was a kind of a dig at The Commander kinda like “you peckerwood” was. I *own* that mug now and all it entails, even though I don’t really have a very big ass.

So the other day the GG was handing me my coffee and I was like, “what the heck is this black mug coming at me? Where is Big Ass?” Oh, it is a QOFE mug. I guess I can accept that. We’ll have to alternate the QOFE with Big Ass though.

The mug collection kinda drove The Commander a little nuts and we weeded some of them out after she died. But I will always keep Big Ass and some other ones.

2 Responses to “Coffee Boy and QOFE mug”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Try some Java Joe coffee mugs!

  2. Margaret Says:

    I had to get rid of mugs once they started falling out of the cupboard because I had some of them stacked on top of one another. As you might imagine, many of my students thought a coffee mug for a coffee loving teacher would be a perfect gift. And it was–but I hate to let go of any of them. I’m getting to the point again where I need to give some of them away. It’s hard. I understand about mugs being special.