Rusticity on the shores of Gitchee Gumee

We are rustic here but we have lucky-shucky, hot running water, and fiber optic wifi. Oh, we also have an indoor terlet.

When I was a kid, lemme see. We had lucky-shucky. We had cold running water in the kitchen sink from a garden hose that ran from my next door uncle’s well. If you wanted hot water? You heated it on the lucky-shuckial stove in a big teakettle and poured it into the sink or wherever.

In those days, we mostly only used hot water to wash the dishes. If you wanted to wash your BODY, you went down to the lake. When I got into my upper teens and early twenties, I used to sometimes beg showers from relatives who had showers. After all, I was working at Tempo and did not want to be stinkified when I got there, not to mention that I CANNOT STAND being dirty from the getgo. I did still sometimes bathe in Gitchee Gumee before work anyway. People at work including our big boss Mr. Drysdale (yes that was really his name and he was a friend of my dad) knew that I often bathed in Lake Superior and one day when I arrived at work with wet hair, Mr. Drysdale asked me if I had been in the lake that morning. Yes.

My parents put in a septic tank when I was in my late teens but they did not install indoor plumbing at that time so we were still using an outhouse. It was when we obtained an in-law (my brother’s wife) that indoor bathroom plumbing (and a water heater) was installed. The GG wasn’t an in-law yet but he would’ve been okay with an outhouse and whatever water system we had. After all, at the Moldy Old Hoton Lake cabin, in the winter, we had to pump water by hand and heat it up in big teakettles on the stove. Until I sussed out a shower bag, there was no way to take a nice hot shower. I have to say that I was happy for the improvements at the moomincabin, no matter who the impetus was.

I am sorta off the rails here. We have everything we need here nowadays. We don’t have central heat or insulation but we don’t really need that in the summer and we don’t stay here in the winter. I was nutso today because our NPR radio substation was off line for most of the day so they could upgrade some equipment. I am not complaining even though it was awfully quiet around here today except when a bird hit one of the picture windows. It’s okay, it flew off.

2 Responses to “Rusticity on the shores of Gitchee Gumee”

  1. Margaret Says:

    No a/c either? Does it stay fairly cool there during the summer?

  2. Pam J. Says:

    So interesting! Thanks for the history. I especially love the garden hose for the kitchen sink. I’m assuming that lucky-shucky is electricity? And I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if wifi gives you TV or just internet service. I’d like to think that TV is not available. It adds to my picture of your place as almost off the grid which in my mind translates to perfect beauty. (Although an indoor toilet is awfully nice to have.)