Marital bliss (or not)

The GG was off on a Boy’s Trip. He and his ID twin, their younger brother, a nephew and the nephew’s friend. They stayed at Wilderness Park down near Mack City and I dunno what all they did.

He called me around noon or so today on his way back to ask if I needed anything from Meijer… Well. First. I had already been to Meijer today. I could not find a small jar of dill pickle relish to save my life. I could not find a pint of whipping cream, which made me stop and change my whole meal plan right there in the dairy aisle. And then, plan changed, I could not find plain old PITTED kalamata olives.

It was not a wasted trip. Ima gonna guess I can get a small jar of dill pickle relish at the park store a couple miles up the road. I don’t need whipping cream any more. The olives that I DID GET were loverly. They were a mixed bag but were perfect in the coq au vin I made tonight. But we did need to replenish the terlet paper and paper towel supply and they were not out of those.

So I couldn’t think of anything else I needed but then I did think of a couple things, so I called him and left a message and also sent him a text message. Did he see either of those? No he did not. By the time I connected with him, he was on the way home from Meijer. Oh well. None of that was critical but why didn’t you check your messages to see if I might have thought of something else?

So then, he was rummaging around about cooking a bratwurst for lunch. Okay. Cook a bratwurst for lunch. But then he went outside and I wasn’t sure what he was doing and after a while, I realized that Mooon Yooonit was not in the “parking lot”. So okay… But he was gone for a reeeeeaaaly long time. When he finally came back, he came through the back door. Where was he? He had been in the GARAGE the whole time doing something with a trailer or whatever.

Like… I don’t care where you are or what you do but could you at least say something like, “I’m going out to the garage?”

Jeebus… How many years have we been married? Don’t tell me.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My younger daughter is terrible at looking at her phone and not great at responding which drives me crazy.

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