Boppin’ around town(s)

First I headed east to Sault Ste. Siberia. Picked up a few things at Meijer, dropped off the recycle on my way to Penny’s Kitchen where I picked up a take-away lunch. I didn’t take-away because COVID, just it was too early for lunch. A bonus for the lunch errand was that I finally figured out the new Siberian parking app, which was a good thing because I couldn’t see any kind of a device to put quarters in. And I had my laundry quarters with me. Okay. Then back to the moomin to drop off the grocks and pick up the garbage and off (west) to the res for their green bag garbage dumping service.

I cannot say how much I appreciate the green bag service. I remember my parents struggling to get their big garbage can up the hill for weekly pickup. An exercise in Blue Language, at least on my dad’s part. Nowadays I buy a bunch of green garbage bags at the tribal gas station and when I fill one up, I go over to the drop-off facility and drop it off. Easy peasy (although I actually hate that expression).

The big news today was that the lake freighter Michipicoten (689 feet) struck “something” underwater somewhere near Isle Royale. It was taking on water and listing 15 degrees. We see this bote go by the moominbeach ALL THE TIME. News stories are sketchy (as they are these days) but last I knew, they had evacuated half the crew, pumped a bunch of water out and the bote was limping toward Thunder Bay accompanied by the Gott (another freighter) and a bunch of helicopters. I hope everything turns out all right and the bote doesn’t sink. At least Gitchee Gumee was not in a Bad Mood today. The last freighter that sank on Gitchee Gumee was the Edmund Fitzgerald in 1975. Gitchee Gumee was in a Bad Mood that day. Cue up Gordon Lightfoot.

I said Gitchee Gumee was not in a bad mood but I was down on the beach a while ago and big thunderous looking clouds were passing by to the west. That storm did not get to the moominbeach but there was enough thunder that I decamped to the deck.

I have a decent pic of today’s weather but I am posting what I got last night. There was a decent sunset but I didn’t get any good pics. And then. After the sun set, I looked out front and there was the waxing crescent moon! The red light at the bottom is a navigational buoy in the shipping channel, not the sun.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That is a gorgeous photo! From what I’m hearing about waste water, Covid is back with a vengeance although we never hear much about it. I have a former student with a miserable case of it (she just returned from Europe) and a blog friend who is suffering greatly from long Covid.

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