Suzy Homemaker

Whaddya think? There are three piles of laundry there, two of them in baskets. We won’t even talk about the shoes.

This was undoubtedly a laundry day and I schlepped all of that crapola into the laundromat (except the shoes), probably with at least one beach urchin in tow. I would fill up at least two triple loaders.

This morning I did two loads of laundry here at the Landfill. One was a moomincabin load, the other was stuff Mr. Rank and Odiferous left in the Landfill laundry basket from his Tick Trips. I did not (yet) wash the sleeeeeep comforter or my sleeping bag but I’ll get there.

I schlepped the first finished load upstairs myself but wasn’t ready to deal with it, most of which involved putting it back into the basket for the next drive north. The GG grabbed the second load and then kicked in to Suzy Homemaker mode and sorted it all out. Which was fine except that he folded the moomincabin bath towels the wrong way and I had to unfold and refold them. We’ve been “rolling” them these last few years.

“I’ve got the all night laundry mat blues. I’m washing everything I own except my shoes.” (Credit to Joe Walsh.) Except that I can actually wash my shoes these days because I almost exclusively wear Keen sandals, even in the winter. They are washable but don’t throw them in the dryer.

Can you tell I am taaarrred tonight? Yes. Yes, I am. G’night!

One Response to “Suzy Homemaker”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I am doing my sheets right now, so I can identify with the laundry post. 🙂